Testimonials Compiled by Dr. Mary Ruth Swope


Let us begin with my own case. In 1988 I was diagnosed with wet macular degeneration – the 8th person in my family to have it. Many products and treatments were tried but to no avail. By 2005 I was progressing toward blindness, not being able to read without strong magnification and special lighting. After a double dose of AFA (4capsules per day) for 3 months, I had a miracle of sight. I can read even fine print if the lighting is adequate. (My faith in healing also played a significant role!)


My trusted friend told me of a 90 year old man totally blind for 5 years who took a triple dose of AFA (6 capsules /day) for 3 months and had sight to return. He can read normal print without glasses with proper lighting.


My friend of many years was quite debilitated by Parkinson's disease. He had stooped posture, body rigidity, tremors, a voice that did not project, and expressionless face – though taking an expensive protocol of medicines from a highly respected M.D. After three months of double the dose of AFA he said to his wife, "For the first time in years, I can honestly say that I forget that I have Parkinson's." Although I still have some tremor, I do not have the anxiety all over my body and my face that has characterized every waking moment." He has also stopped walking in his sleep!


A former secretary told me this story. Her daughter's father-in-law was so ill with diabetes he was told both feet must be amputated in a few weeks if his condition did not improve. He started taking daily 4 capsules of AFA and in three months the doctors withdrew their prediction.


"I am thrilled with the way my nighttime bladder/wakefulness issues are being resolved, with the number of bathroom trips having been reduced by 90%." She took 2 capsules of AFA in the morning and two at night for about 3 months to achieve this reduction.


A friend near 90 years old gradually developed the symptoms of Alzheimer's. Intake of 4 capsules per day of AFA within four months "Helped tremendously. His short term memory loss has greatly abated. He smiles, laughs, participates in family conversations, even telling humorous stories as was his normal style."


My son-in-law suffered a stroke in July 2004. He recovered unusually quickly, using a hyperbaric chamber for oxygen therapy.  Nonetheless, his normal speech did not return, making it necessary for him to sell his practice of 40 years. This brought on deep depression. In addition he had suffered for many years from polycythemia, a condition of too many red blood cells. After ingesting 6 capsules daily of AFA, his normal speech returned in 3 months, his polycythemia was corrected and his depression left after the first 8 capsules! In three additional months his eyes improved, enabling him to renew his driver's license after being turned down a few months previously.


It is easy to find examples of friends with various heart and circulatory problems that have found AFA to be very helpful, adult stem cells in the blood stream is the key. Review the article on www.AFA101.com on Stem Cell Links to get an insight into the 519 patients with heart disease who were followed for 1 year. Heart disease has been Americans number one cause of death for the last 100 years. That can now be changed if enough of us share AFA information with family and friends.


A 78 year old woman who loves to quilt had to quit quilting because of retinal degeneration. The skin on the retina was loose or wrinkled, blocking sight. After 5 weeks of 4 capsules of AFA per day, she is back to quilting and reading without magnification.

A 70 year old man could not pass the eye test for drivers license renewal. For other health issues he started taking AFA. In two months of 4 capsules per day the limitation on his drivers' license was removed by another test.

Another lady said that she went to have her eyes examined and the doctor looked and looked in her eye. Then said, "I can't believe what's going on in the back of your eyes. The damage that was there has all cleared up. It seems that your eyes have not aged but instead are being renewed." Her doctor asked what she had been doing and when she told him about AFA she wanted to know more about the product since she already knew all about stem cells.


Also, it was wonderful to hear Max's heart attack testimony on the Monday night call.  He had a massive heart attack on Jan. 04.  He had open-heart surgery, 4 by passes, reconstructed 2 valves, pacemaker. He was put on 11 medications.  In April he found out about the Stem Enhance and started taking it.  Soon he could get up and down better. He was color blind, but now sees colors.  He no longer has a heart murmur.  He said that he has a better quality of life now.  He takes 6 SE's a day and has been doing that for the last 2 months.  He said it has made such a difference in the way he feels and his energy level. The more stem cells we have in circulation, the more healing can take place inside our bodies.


Margaret gave a hair loss testimony about ALOPECIA.  She was losing her hair in patches and had to wear a wig..  The back of her head has been totally bare.  She started mid-April taking 2 SE's three times a day.  She told us that her hair is growing back in.  She told us, "It is growing and maybe I soon won't need to wear a wig."

 Dr. David explained to us that stem cells form hair follicle cells. It is amazing what the SE seems to do for people.  It is always thrilling to hear the testimonies.  We so appreciate Dr. David hosting these calls for us.  Betty C.


There are some degenerative diseases associated with aging that strike fear in our hearts because we have seen the progression of symptoms in people we know.  Scientists have found that one of them of them is the result of a deficiency of dopamine in certain brain cells.  This chemical carries messages from one nerve cell to another.  If you have ever watched someone rub thumb and forefinger together, begin to experience muscle rigidity, a stooped, shuffling gait, a fixed facial expression, or develop impaired speech or a very soft gravelly voice, you grieve for that person. as their bodies gradually become rigid and their limbs stiffen.   The best medical science in the most esteemed medical institutions--and we have the BEST in Minnesota--can only offer combinations of drugs that relieve some of the symptoms.

We believe in supplementation, healthy food choices, and have also experimented with using every food suggested in books on natural healing for many years.  We know there are no quick fixes and always make a commitment to try a particular idea that is recommended to us for at least six months.  As a result we have spent thousands of dollars going to wellness clinics, following the advice of holistic physicians, and using particular supplement programs that have been recommended to us.  We wish we could say that some improvement occurred.   Perhaps some did.

In February we were introduced to StemEnhance™ from someone we have known and trusted for many years.  Dick made a six-month commitment as he has with previous products that have been suggested to us.  We began educating ourselves so that we would know what could reasonably be expected.   We watched the video streaming on the website, and Dick has watched the DVDs repeatedly.  I asked him recently if he has the blue one memorized.  He said, "Just about."  He finds that science in Christian Drapeau's presentations makes a great deal of sense.  I like the part about the joy molecule because that was the first thing that I observed as I watch him from day to day.  Long before he felt any difference I saw a brighter face, a more joyous demeanor, a happier mood.

Then our friends began noticing a difference: our snowbird neighbors returning from the SW, people in the grocery store who hadn't seen him for years, a woman at the Lions banquet who hadn't seen him since fall when he dropped out of Lions to care for me after I broke my hip.  All of them would say things like "What are you doing?  You look so different.  You look great!"  The man who has cut Dick's hair for thirty years told me:  "For many years I have had to get down on my knees to trim under his beard.  Last Tuesday I asked him to lift his chin.  He threw his head back and his whole body responded.  You have a new husband!"

Most of what I told you the day you and Angie were on the conference call will probably not work,  since we can't say Parkinson's, which is too bad because our stories are powerful.  Examples:

At two week before three months Dick said, "You know, I almost feel like I don't have Parkinson's anymore.  Instead of feeling I am getting worse every day, I feel like I am getting better every day." This is what he says to people who comment on how well he looks. I see him standing erect with his shoulders back more often than not.

I have watched him talk for twenty minutes with bright eyes, a confident demeanor, a strong voice, and an animated face at various meetings we have hosted.  This would be unheard of several months ago.

One day when it was raining, he ran through the parking lot to the grocery store.  When he got inside he thought to himself:  "I ran!"

That is something he never could have done previously.  He would have been afraid of falling.  I talked to a friend last night who saw him running in the rain.  She said she couldn't believe it.  A few days later she and her husband came over and watched the DVD with us and signed up a couple of days later.

Previously Dick felt his symptoms all over his body including his face, not just in his right hand.  The anxiety and restlessness was always there, and sometimes it was much worse so that he could not sit still and would have to pace.   When he forgot to take his medication, which is announced by a timer every three hours, he would be beside himself in a few minutes.  In mid-May, the night we went out to dinner with our daughter, he forgot his pills at home.  When we returned he realized it was six hours since his previous Sinemet.  We had had a pleasant relaxed evening.  He was mildly aware of missing his meds but not anxious and miserable.

The improvement in our quality of life has been remarkable.  We have no doubt that there is such a thing as a joy molecule.  We both experience it all day long.  We feel like the woman in the Bible story who found her lost coin:  "Rejoice with me for I have found what I had lost."

That's enough for now.  What shall I say about my improved sleep because of less pressure on my bladder at night?

As you can see I am a narrative person.  Dick will tell part of his story if you suggest what will work from what I have written above.

Please reply on our charter.net address.  I like this one better because I can compose off-line. - Carol Cover

DISCLAIMER:  AFA is not in intended to treat, cure, mitigate or to influence disease of any sort. Its purpose is simply to facilitate the release of Adult Stem Cells from the bone marrow that wellness may be enhanced by natural processes.